Global Office – Cambodia: Sihanoukville


Dr. Thavorin You Kheang
Managing Partner

A qualified accountant from Canada, Dr. Thavorin is recently appointed as a Minister in the Ministry of Cambodia. He is one of the pioneers for the rapid growth and evolution in the accountancy industry in Cambodia, and is responsible for the growing needs for international accounting standards and compliances to include auditing services in the country. He also conducts professional seminars in various technical areas to include audit assurance compliances, accounting and taxation standards and keeps himself abreast of the rapid changes by reviewing these standards on a continual basis via his ministry involvements.

Dr. Thavorin is also very involved in the setting up of the stock exchange mechanism and other financial institutions’ requirements in Cambodia and continues to assist various governmental initiatives both locally and worldwide.

The industry expertise covers financial institutions, business and academic associations, tax legislative changes in Cambodia, manufacturing, retailers, investments, government audit and professional practices.



Branch Address:
Canadia Bank Building
Independence Blvd
Kingdom of Cambodia

Dr. Thavorin You Kheang

Telephone: +855 34 933 525
Facsimile: +855 34 933 525
Email: youkheang@kh.mcmillanwoods.com / youkheang@camnet.com.kh