Reaching For The Stars: One Man’s Journey To Appreciate Excellence

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Dato’ Seri Dr. Raymond Liew, the founder of McMillan Woods Global Network shares with Christina Thomas his remarkable journey in establishing a global network and awards initiative.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: The McMillan Woods Global Network was born out of the passion of one man to recognise and applaud success, excellence and distinction. Driven by his vision to create shining stars in industries across the world, Dato’ Seri Dr. Raymond first introduced the McMillan Woods Global Network (MWGN) on 9 January 2010.

MWGN is an association comprising independent local and regional firms of recognised qualified accountants and professional advisors. The association is aimed at providing members and their clients with the capability of furnishing a broader spectrum of accounting, auditing, advisory and management services on a cutting-edge, cost-effective basis.

“Our mission is to meet our clients’ highest expectations, and to exceed them is our goal. Key to this is to be a global strategic partner in value-creation and multidisciplinary partnerships,” Dato’ Seri Dr. Raymond asserts.


Dato’ Seri Dr. Raymond explains that the success that McMillan Woods was built upon is effective networking. “In fact, our tagline, ‘The Business Mind’, symbolises the core of our company. We see ourselves as the mastermind for all our clients’ needs,” he points out.

In sharing about the inspiration behind MWGN, Dato’ Seri Dr Raymond expresses, “I created this network to do what is right for my late father. I am the apple of my late father’s eye. It has always been my motivation to create something new and inspiring, and not merely what is seen every day.”

Basically, his goal was to create a legacy, “I wanted something that could move the network fast and effectively, hence, the industry tagline of Professionalism at the Forefront!”

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