Each and every member firm of McMillan Woods tailors their accounting services to meet their clients’ requirements as we appreciate that every client’s requirements differ from one to the other.

Some of the accounting services are:

(a) Book-keeping

It is vital that businesses have a system of record-keeping that delivers the required relatable information. At McMillan Woods, we assist our clients to set up books and records relevant to their individual needs.

Each of our network firms nationally offers a complete off-site service where book-keeping task is carried out ideally away from the client’s offices to minimise disruption of the client’s business operations but if necessary, arrangement for on-site service can be catered for at short notice depending on the duration of the required book-keeping task.

(b) Payroll services

The requirement for payroll services comes in all types and sizes and it may vary in various degree of complexity although one can always agree that since this assignment is either a weekly or monthly task, the key word is URGENT since clients’ staff needs to be paid on time!

At McMillan Woods, we have a dedicated team specialising in payroll assignments to provide our clients a timely and flexible service, individually tailored to each client’s requirements.

(c) Management accounting

Very often than not, clients require periodic monthly accounting reports, be it weekly, monthly or quarterly, to make meaningful financial decisions and we do cater to our clients’ needs, as and when such services are requested.

(d) Annual report and accounts

We take the opportunity to discuss with our clients the financial performance of the business activities when assisting with the preparation of the quarterly or annual reports and if so required, to review the tax planning exercise ahead of the year-end and this includes all taxation planning pertaining to the Self-Assessment System, which is now consistently applied worldwide.