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Members’ benefits

Membership of McMillan Woods Global will enable the members to receive the following benefits from the international network:

  • Your firm is recognised as a member of an international body of professional firms;
  • Access network globally and obtain international knowledge;
  • Your firm is seen as more prestigious with a wider playing field of professionals and with an international image;
  • Higher staff motivation and better staff retention programmes with staff exchange arrangements between member firms across regions and borders;
  • Many different disciplines and expertise are available at your disposal;
  • Better training opportunities among members and staff with the potential to broaden the horizons;
  • Job assignments can be carried out overseas in a more efficient manner and lower costs;
  • Exchange of updates and professional views on a wide range of technical subjects;
  • Bigger and better jobs prospects with bigger potentials;
  • Better job referrals among member firms are common hence leading to better retention of clients worldwide;
  • The list is endless…

Members’ vision

Membership with McMillan Woods Global enables members to attain their strategic aims and vision, some of which may be as follows:

  • To attain better quality clientele both locally, nationally and worldwide;
  • To develop a better understanding of our members to whom we would create a “family” tie;
  • To provide mutual assistance and professional services globally;
  • To assist in each other firms by offering expertise that may not be present in another firm;
  • To maintain quality control where there would be “peer” review programmes to ensure that member firms attain a certain satisfactory degree in quality management;
  • To assist in risk management review when engaging our member firms in new job assignments with the view to decline high risk job assignments;
  • To embark on a training and educational programme globally where there would be a wider exchange of views and added resources;
  • To meet regularly and to have an annual vocational event for staff members to better acquaint themselves regionally and globally.
  • But, most importantly, members are in the network to continuously scale new heights and to embrace the vision of “The Business Mind” with the focus to meet global challenges of tomorrow i.e. local knowledge with global presence!

Members’ meetings

A regular programme of national, regional and international meetings is undertaken periodically and where there are pertinent urgent issues, special interest meetings will be called to address these issues.

Generally, the global Annual General Meeting is held in a different country annually by unanimous requests whilst regional meetings are decided by each of the regional Directors responsible for each of the regions.

Membership inquiry

Please click on the “Contact Us” for speedy communication and for further clarification.

Membership requirements

Members are from different sized firms – small, medium and large hence they are expected to fulfill the following:

  • Be interested and able to contribute to the regional and global activities;
  • Be prepared to attend regional and global meetings and participate and support the global network
  • through contributions of their invaluable time;
  • Be of a size which is generally compatible with that of the other member firms in McMillan Woods Global;
  • Be able to provide the highest quality work in accordance with local, national and regional conditions;
  • Be knowledgeable on all aspects of their home country’s profession, commerce, politics and economy;
  • Be capable of dealing with clients, currently or potentially involved in international business deals;
  • Respond promptly to inquiries from other members with McMillan Woods Global and/or requests for information from its fellow members or from the regional and global secretariat offices.

It is also a pre-requisite that members must:

  • Refer any of their clients wishing to do business in a country in which McMillan Woods is represented to the local MCMWG member, provided that the local member is capable of providing the services required and that the client has not stipulated that another firm be used;
  • Pay their association fees and any other service fees or referral fees due to other members promptly.
  • All potential members must pass a Quality Control Review (QCR), to be carried out by an appointed existing MCMWG member, before being invited to join the global network – MCMWG.

Useful information

Some useful facts:

  • McMillan Woods Global (McMWG) is a unique association as its shares are owned by its members and not by merely one individual or a family conglomerate, hence it’s a case of members’ network – “Our network.”
  • McMWG is a worldwide association and a network of independent auditing, accounting and consulting firms linked together for the benefit of its members and their clients.
  • Although McMWG was only formed on 9 January 2010, it has grown leaps and bounds through the active participation of its members who are extremely proactive and responsible for its rapid growth.
  • All members are able to access the technical expertise of its members regionally and globally.
  • All members will be given access to the online directory of McMWG members which lists individual names and contact information as well as each member’s area of expertise. You may contact info@mcmillanwoods.com for further information, 24 hours a day, 7 day-week.
  • There is no joining fee nor is there any initial fee. Furthermore, there is no Quality Control Review (QCR) fee with the exception that the “disbursement costs” are fully reimbursed by the member firms that are subject to the QCR visits. Disbursement costs include all direct expenses incurred in the course of carrying out the QCR visits such as air-flights, hotel accommodation, taxi fares, F&B etc and such costs vary from country to country.
  • Effective 3 July 2010, the annual dues based on “a percentage of a firm’s annual fee revenue” has since been abolished. Instead, this annual fee structure is replaced with an Annual due of £800 and an Operational Running cost of £300, totaling £1,100 per annum per firm bearing in mind that the association is not setup to make profits out of its members hence the association will be operated on a “break-even” basis wherever possible and the costs are assessed each year by the Executive Committee which is subject to approval by its members at the Annual General Meeting. With this new scheme, all member firms are more accountable and certainly more willing to disclose the true fee revenue potentials.
  • Other than the annual dues, there are no other hidden costs other than those costs that are directly incurred on your behalf that are reimbursable. Such costs include email address cost which is pegged at £100 for a maximum of 10email addresses per annum per firm. The main global website and maintenance costs are absorbed by McMWG although each national member firm in each country is advisable to setup a local website to be linked to the main global website. The main office of McMWG can assist with this setup in your home country vis-a-vis their existing website independent consultants. Kindly drop an email to info@mcmillanwoods.com for assistance.
  • Meeting other McMWG members will give you lots of opportunities for your firm’s growth. Furthermore, our members brand their firms on the local and national level as having their individual expertise.
  • McMWG offers your clients the ability to expand their business operations both domestically and globally since clients will have access to the resources of a global association of firms and yet our members retain their independence as well as the personal and business relationships they enjoy with their clients.
  • Members are required to use the recommended logo, signages, business cards, banners and letterheads etc as such use would certainly result in obtaining new businesses and cross-selling to existing clients. McMWG will provide you with camera ready artwork for your printer or in-house marketer for this purpose to include souvenir programmes such as T-shirt, caps, lanyards, pens etc.

How to join McMillan Woods Global?

Useful facts to be acquainted with:

  • McMillan Woods Global has members in most countries and is continuously seeking members in those countries not currently covered and additional members in certain larger countries where the association may already has members. Explicit permission of the existing member(s) is sought prior to any admission of another member in any country. This is a pre-requisite and also out of respect for our members worldwide.

If you would like to apply for membership of MCMWG, the set procedure is as follows:

  • Please click “contact us” to complete the initial MCMWG Membership Inquiry form.
  • Your details will be submitted to the global secretariat and the secretariat will be asked to confirm that there are no geographical conflicts with existing members.
  • If there is an existing member in your country, the application will be considered by the global Executive Committee to decide whether a second member is allowed with formal consultation with the existing member already present in that country.
  • If there are no potential conflicts, you will be sent an application form and further details of MCMWG together with a proposed Quality Control Review (QCR) visit by an assigned representative from MCMWG.
  • Upon return of your completed application form, the assigned representative from an existing MCMWG firm will contact you to arrange a QCR visit. This visit will last one or two days and will consist of a review of your quality control and a review of your overall systems. If you are already a member of a national peer review programme, and have recently been successfully reviewed, this will probably satisfy the audit element of the QCR of McMillan Woods Global.
  • Subject to completion of the QCR, you will be invited to join MCMWG and will be billed for the relevant fees and the annual fee for the year.

For any further clarification, please click on the “Contact Us” button.

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