About Us

McMillan Woods Global (MCMWG) is a global network or association of independent local and regional firms of recognised qualified accountants and professional advisors. It was established for the purpose of providing members and their clients with the capability of furnishing a broader spectrum of accounting, auditing, advisory and management services at a cutting edge cost effective basis.

The many offices of MCMWG are characteristically fully serviced offices with a typical recognised structure, which carry some common colour features namely, red, maroon, white and black. Each of these firms is fast growing as members themselves are “movers and shakers” which is evident in their individual characteristics. The localities of these offices are primarily in the Central Business District in each country and where the services are needed, these offices are spread across the country to better service its clients.

Services rendered include but not limited to technical assistance in traditional accounting, audit assurance, tax consulting, specialised services such as fiscal management, privatisation support, litigation, Initial Public Offering (IPO), strategic brainstorming and planning, business valuation and even immigration application and the reformation of accounting systems.

MCMWG provides its independent members with the strength and capabilities of a large diverse pool of technical expertise and skills with wide geographical representation which otherwise would not be possible for a local firm alone. Members’ exchange of views and comments are often sought globally with solutions often obtained instantaneously at the internet technology speed.

The selection criteria of its members are based on set requirements for size, reputation, quality of practice, diverse technical capabilities, geographical location but most importantly the individual members themselves. Many of our members hold key positions in the society where they reside. To gain membership, these requirements must be met and to ensure quality control in retaining its membership, periodic “peer” reviews of member firms are carried out to ensure the members comply with consistently high standards.

Primarily, MCMWG is operated via a non-profit making company, limited by shares. These shares are allocated to its members via a scheme which is contained in the Constitutions and By-Laws. The policies of MCMWG are primarily determined by the global Executive Committee, which comprises of its elected representatives from each geographical region and the founder members. All fundamental issues affecting the association or network are discussed at the Executive Meetings (held three times a year) or at the Annual General Meeting.

MCMWG is governed by its Constitutions and By-Laws and members are bound by its Accession Contracts at all times.

McMillan Woods is a provider of audit assurance, tax advisory and consultancy to include financial advisory services. McMillan Woods responds to clients’ complex business challenges across industry sectors and national boundaries. For instance, the audit assurance practice helps clients manage risks so they can focus on their core business activities. By personally understanding each client’s business, we translate information into insights to uncover hidden opportunities to improve client efficiency and performance and deliver the highest quality professional services with a modern, dynamic and fresh methodology.

At McMillan Woods, we are committed to helping our client’s businesses to succeed in a world of opportunities, created by new and expanding national markets via new technologies and business models, as well as by economic and trade corporations.

Our people are committed to work together with you to resolve your problems, however complex and multifarious. One of the challenging questions in today’s rapidly changing business environment is how to secure critical business processes and information. Click on to discover how McMillan Woods and its member firms, both nationally and worldwide can be of assistance to your business.

Registered to carry on audit and insolvency work and regulated for a range of professional business activities.