Very often than not, clients need assistance managing their day-to-day accounting functions hence if you and/or your staff spend long hours each day on mundane tasks, your time so spent may no longer be “income” productive. One solution to remove this burden of managing routine accounting activities is to outsource these tasks to an independent service provider.

Likewise, clients choose to outsource various functions for a number of reasons hence at McMillan Woods, our services are tailored to cater for different clients’ requirements and needs with technical backup and support. Consequently, it is not uncommon for us to act as bookkeeper cum accountant in start-up situations, predominantly for foreign owned companies.

Running an accounts or internal audit department “in-house” can equally be an expensive option for the growing business, hence outsourcing provides a flexible and reliable alternative. It provides businesses the power to keep in-house the core accounting functions they need and to outsource the rest. Through up-to date accounting information and proper advice, outsourcing can certainly be a hassle free option.

At McMillan Woods, our outsourcing programme aims to add value to clients’ businesses as well as reduce their overhead costs. As the business grows and its needs evolve, the services can easily be re-tailored to meet different level of clients’ requirements. Such services cover bookkeeping, management accounting, internal audit, business advice, payroll, in-house corporate training and seminars.