International business

Whether you are expanding internationally or establishing a business within the country, McMillan Woods can assist with a range of high quality, tailor-made and integrated services.

Whilst trade is global, there is still enormous variation between each country’s tax regime, regulatory environment and more general ways of doing business. Trusted expert advice on the ground is vital. Through the global network of McMillan Woods, we can effectively extend our assistance to our clients in most regions of the world.

McMillan Woods Global is an international network of accountants and business advisors that cover Europe, Asia Pacific region, the USA, Africa and Latin America, and offers through its members’ professional accounting, auditing, tax and a variety of consultancy services.

Whether you are arriving in the country for the first time or running an established business, McMillan Woods have the expertise and experience to assist you realise its true business potential.

At McMillan Woods, we do not believe in merely offering our clients a standard ready-made package of services. Instead we personalise each package for individual clients, taking into consideration the diverse business activities of our clients. We offer cohesive bespoke services, drawing on the expertise of those specialist members whose experiences are most appropriate for our clients’ needs and where necessary, drawing in related expertise from our Multiple Disciplinary Partnership.
One-Stop Corporate Centre

At McMillan Woods, we provide a One-Stop Corporate Centre for professional advice so you do not have to find a multitude of professional advisors.