MCM Cares raises RM55,000 in aid of Sabah flood victims (Sabah Daily News)

McMillan Woods Global has responded to the massive flooding in Kota Kinabalu by launching its CSR initiative, the McM Cares programme.

KUALA LUMPUR: McMillan Woods Global has responded to the massive flooding in Kota Kinabalu by launching its CSR initiative, the McM Cares programme.

This fundraising campaign is established to raise RM50,000 to aid the villagers whose homes were destroyed due to the downpour. Through its immense efforts, the McM Cares programme was able to exceed the fundraising target, and managed to raise RM55,000.

The king tide around the west coast of Sabah has created havoc since Jan 18, causing many villagers their homes and leaving them with nowhere to sleep.

The situation continued to deteriorate with unexpected rainstorms that flooded numerous houses and destroyed nearly all household appliances.

It was a heart-breaking sight, and more so devastating to learn that some 700 people from 203 families in 223 villages were seeking temporary shelter at various relief centres.

Penampang was the worst hit, while some sections of the roads in northern Kudat, Pitas, Tuaran, and Kota Belud were severely damaged, not forgetting landslides along roads in Kota Kinabalu, Pitas and Kudat.

The villages were pleading for financial aid, as seen from the videos and photos widely circulated in the media. A discussion with the former Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal, and Datuk Junz Wong, concluded that an estimate of RM50,000 would be required for the rebuilding of these houses; thus, the McM Cares programme embarks on its mission.

Datuk Seri Dr. Raymond Liew (pix), founder of the McM Cares programme and McMillan Woods Global, said: “Under our McM Cares programme, we believe in a joint effort by both the villagers and the financial aid raised. Purchases of relevant building materials such as woods, nails and related supplies, are directly from the suppliers to avoid incurring third party costs and to remain accountable to our generous contributors. All contributions were made direct to Kilang Papan Hiong Tiong Sdn Bhd, Sabah, and we are pleased to announce that the pooled fund collected exceeded the target.

“On behalf of McMillan Woods, I wish to accord our heartfelt thanks to all our generous contributors especially, our partners Datuk KL Tan & Mc Mea, Datuk Dr. Colin Lee, Datuk Dr. Marcus Lee, Datuk Dr. Michael Lim, Dixon Chew (Pensonic), Olivia Lee, Henry Low, Jasmin Hew (NuSkin), not forgetting our highest contributor, Miss Carrie Lee.

“Whatever surplus collected will be used to buy more building materials or foods to feed the homeless. On behalf of these poor villagers in Sabah, Thank You for your generous contributions. Each contributor is an angel to them.”

Generally, many of us are kind-hearted Malaysians, and we sprouted across the country to offer a helping hand to those in need during this tough pandemic time.

Liew said that he hopes more Malaysians, especially corporations, will come forward to provide aid not only to the flood victims but to those in need during this pandemic, the likes of the homeless, jobless, and even the students who are stranded in their university campus with the clampdown of the MCO 2.0 among many others.

Liew and his team also expressed their concerns for the safety and wellbeing not only of the flood victims but those who are severely affected during this ever-worsening Covid-19 pandemic. We do hope that the funds raised will at least ease the burden of the affected communities.

“McM Cares” Programme is a CSR initiative driven by McMillan Woods Global that has contributed over RM1 million since its inception to various charitable causes. The programme aims to address the global challenges of climate change, education, and poverty alleviation with the slogan of “Giving is not just about making a donation, but it’s about making a difference to other deserving souls.”

Sabah Daily News, 10 February 2021 (Wednesday)