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Malaysia 2021 fiscal outlook revised downward on pandemic risks

Against the backdrop of reduced revenue collection and increased stimulus spending from the Government stemming from the imposition of lockdowns for a far longer period than previously anticipated, Fitch Solutions Country Risk & Industry Research has lowered Malaysia’s 2021 fiscal deficit forecast to 7.4% of gross domestic product (GDP) from 6.4%.

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Curbing runaway property prices

New Zealand’s government took aim at property speculators with a suite of new measures to tackle runaway house prices and prevent the formation of a “dangerous” bubble.

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US investors face tax worries

Investors are turning their attention to prospects that higher taxes could threaten the rally in US stocks as President Joe Biden’s administration moves forward with its agenda and seeks ways to pay for its spending plans.

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Aid offer for 80 countries

China is providing and will offer vaccine assistance to 80 countries and three international organisations, the first large-scale assistance of its kind, the country’s International Development Cooperation Agency said.

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Jobs in demand

There are some jobs that will always be in demand even in a slowdown. The Covid-19 pandemic has also shown those who are willing to embrace diverse skills will remain relevant.

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Morgan Stanley may bet on bitcoin

A US$150 billion Morgan Stanley investing arm known for its prowess in picking growth stocks is considering adding Bitcoin to its list of possible bets.

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