Global Office – China: Shanghai


Mr. Vincent Liao
Regional Business Director

Vincent Liao has garnered many years of extensive exposure in business marketing and consulting industry both locally and abroad where he also spent many years exploring Europe on business potentials. His accomplishments to-date include successfully increasing revenue income for many of the multi-national companies that he was involved with in the past years, one of which was his ability to successfully spearheaded the overseas operations in the then new emergent and sprouting market – China.

Among other accolades, other than heading the business development programmes of McMillan Woods Global in both local market and China, Vincent unselfishly spends much of this spare time in many charitable organisations and also assists in the many Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

Mr. Liu Feng-hui
Registered Auditor & Accountant

Mr. Liu Feng-hui is a registered auditor/accountant in the PRC. He was a former auditor for state-owned, Shanghai Agricultural Farm Group. He garnered many years of experience in auditing, finance, and management in both the government and private sectors. Currently, he is in charge of Shanghai Strait Accounting Farm Ltd.





Shanghai Strait Accounting Farm Ltd.

Room 2104, No. 912, Gong-He-Xin-Road
Zhabei District, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

劉鳳輝 主任 Mr. Liu Feng-hui
鮑紫英 經理 Ms. Bao Zi-Ying

Mobile phone: +86-136 1197 1156
Telephone: +86-021 6149 3098
Facsimile: +86-021 6149 3099
Email: scpas_sh@163.com / info@cn.mcmillanwoods.com

Director for China:
Mr. Vincent Liao



Ms Angel Fang (方佳韻)
Shanghai – Partner of the Firm

Angel Fang is a graduate with a Bachelor of Art (Accounting) degree from Soo-Chow University, Taipei, Taiwan and have garner more than 10 years of experience in the finance and management services. Currently, she is a director of Dean Consulting (Shanghai) office.

Technical expertise

  • Regulation and practices in international investment planning
  • Industrial and commercial registration
  • Financial accounting
  • Planning of lease tax and other levies
  • Foreign exchange management
  • Labour and personnel
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financing methods
  • Planning of investment in real estate
  • Marketing information
  • Integration services


C/O Dean Consulting (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.上海市徐匯區虹梅路1905號208室
Room 208, 1905, Hongmei Road
Xuhui District, Shanghai, People’s Republic of China

方佳韻 主任 Ms. Angel Fang

Mobile phone: +86-136 6187 8231
Telephone: +86-021 6302 8866
Facsimile: +86-021 5301 8627
Email: angel@dean-sh.com / info@cn.mcmillanwoods.com / vincentliao@cn.mcmillanwoods.com

Director for China:
Mr. Vincent Liao