Global Office – Japan


Mr. Yojiro Kitamura
Managing Consultant

Mr. Yojiro Kitamura is a Managing Consultant, specialising in international financial and commercial dealings to include financial institutions, multimedia system development in financial and operational systems. He has with him many years of invaluable experience in Multinational companies both in Japan and also in the United States of America, specifically in California where he spent a number of years exploring accounting standards, new technology and other knowhow.

He has assisted in many publications on technical issues mainly in financials and related accounting issues. He also lectures extensively and conducts professional seminars in various technical areas to include banking, franchising of commercial businesses and offshore activities. Recently, he is involved with numerous financial deals in the United Arab Emirates for international clients.

The industry expertise covers business franchise, banking, human resource management, legal contractual procedures, real estate, stock exchange exercises in overseas countries especially in the Middle East and related practices.

Mr. Shota Kouno
Legal Director

Mr. Shota Kouno is an Attorney-at-law in Japan specialising in IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), M&A and international business. He majored in semiconductor device R&D and communication engineering at Waseda University, School of Science & Engineering. He is a lawyer by profession, specialising in IPR for a variety of clients’ requirements both locally and internationally.

Furthermore, he has a proven track record not only in IPR but also in corporate law, M&A, risk management and litigation where he provides strategic legal expertise to clients ranging from Small Medium Enterprises to multi-nationals.

Mr. Hiroyuki Honda
Managing Consultant

Mr. Hiroyuki Honda is a very experienced M&A and corporate turnaround specialist and is the latest recruit of McMillan Woods Japan. He has been providing management guidance services to professionals of both the accounting and legal profession.

Mr. Hiroyuki Honda is an advisor and also an overseas business consultant. As an experienced administrative leader, he provides business diagnosis and market development consultancy primarily in Japan and in the ASEAN countries, as well as conducting sales potential research, marketing, promotion, business and sales strategy consulting services.




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Mr. Yojiro Kitamura
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