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Mr.Fernandes Fernando Baptista

Mr.Fernandes Fernando Baptista is a qualified Registered Accountant & Financial Consultant in the Republic of Mozambique, holds a bachelor degree in Business management and has many years of work experience in both the public practice and multinational companies in Mozambique.

Fernando, has vast experience in income tax rules and regulations to include Value Added Tax ,International tax treats, indirect taxation viz excise duty; The industry expertise covers legal, consultancy relating to both accounting and legal aspects, business associations, business consultancy relating to M&A accounting and its legal aspects, and negotiation, HR and IR related issues, Professional Training usual clients include manufacturing ,Construction, Mechanical Engineers, retailers, investments Enterprises and related professional practices.

He also carries with him an extensive exposure in the field of examination of budgets ,is also well versed in internal audit and evaluation of Quality & control systems for corporate including NBFC, Medicare, trusts, educational institutions ,among project reports Financial statements, Business evaluation ,viability studies, due diligence, and investigation., He is Also very involved in a number of local trade unions between Mozambique and African/Asian Countries.

He is a member of the General Federation of Accountants & Auditors (OCAM) in Mozambique, other than heading the business development project of McMillan Woods in the local market Fernando, unselfishly spends much of his spare time in many charitable & missionary organizations.

Mr.Paulino Dos Santos Alson

Mr.Paulino Dos Santos Alson is a Registered Auditor with the Government of Mozambique(IAM), and is also member of the General Federation of Accountants & Auditors (OCAM).He has many years of work experience in public practice, audit compliance with US GAAP & IFRS in statutory audits of companies and financial institutions.

His expertise includes financial advisory, taxation, and management advisory services, includes specialized audits and he is currently involved in the entire back office operation of one of Mozambique’s leading banks,. The industry expertise covers business franchise, banking, human resource management, legal contractual procedures, real estate, stock exchange exercises in overseas countries especially in Southern Africa and related practices.

Mr.Ferreira Angelo de Arcanjos Messias

Mr.Ferreira Angelo de Arcanjos Messias Graduated with a Bachelor of Economics, Merit from Eduardo Mondlane University (UEM) of Mozambique. Angelo is a member of General Federation of Accountants & Auditors (OCAM) in Mozambique.

Mr. Angelo is also an educationist in various institutions and is still very involved in the development of the accounting and academic profession. He also lectures extensively and conducts professional seminars in various technical areas to include accounting, audit assurance and taxation standards.




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Mr. Fernandes Fernando

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