Global Office: Northern Europe – Estonia

Siim Jalakas
Estonia – Partner of the firm

Siim Jalakas is a partner of AnsonBaer Nordic – a corporate services provider from Estonia. Siim has graduated from University of Tartu and acquired Master’s degree in Economics specializing in Finance. After the university Siim has held various management positions in different international companies in Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and Belarus. Siim has good knowledge of Estonian business and tax law, and has been consulting different Estonian businesses for the last 10 years.

During the years 2014-2016 Siim went to acquire new theoretical knowledge and completed Executive MBA course in Estonian Business School. Siim speaks fluent Estonian, English, Russian, and Finnish.

Hendrik Hindov
Estonia – Partner of the firm

Hendrik Hindov has studied in University of Tartu, the faculty of Law. He has held various positions in Estonian leading companies as CEO, CFO and CMO. He started in corporate services business as an apprentice in 1992 and has worked himself up to CEO and a partner. During the years 2017-2019 Hendrik also completed Executive MBA course in Estonian Business School.

Over the years he has helped hundreds of international customers with different profiles to establish Estonian companies and he or his team members are consulting them till today. During his previous career he has led M&A, Financial and Legal Due Diligence projects – in addition to Estonia – in Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Belarus, Sweden, and Finland. Hendrik speaks fluent Estonian, English, Finnish, and Russian.




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Mr. Siim Jalakas
Mr. Hendrik Hindov

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