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Amira AR Musa BSc, MSc, FCCA
McMillan Woods Sudan – Partner of the firm

Amira is a chartered certified accountant and a Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK.

He has over 15 years of experience in the Accounting & Finance field, and possesses strong diverse experience in banking, non-governmental organisations and corporate sectors in Sudan before moving to professional practice in 2010.

The industry expertise covers business consultancy relating to accounting, audit, taxation issues, valuations, professional training and related professional practices.

Salma El Nour Ahmed El Nour
McMillan Woods Sudan – Partner of the firm

Salma Ahmed El Nour completed her academic degree in the University of Gezira, Sudan in Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with honour. She spent a number of years in United Arab Emirates to expand her work horizon especially in the fields of accountancy, business administration, training and consultancy.

Her business skills include training and management consultancy, enhancing productivity skills, time management, communication skills and team building. She is in-charge of training consultancy, preparation and submission of project proposal, business administration and business development of the network with high level of proficiency.




McMillan Woods Sudan
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Ms Amira AR Musa
Mr. Salma El Nour Ahmed El Nour
Mr. Osama Seddig

Mobile phone: +249 91 230 1460 (Ms Amira)
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