Global Office – Taiwan


Dr. Kwun Ming Jaung, Echo (莊昆明)
Managing Partner

A qualified accountant, Echo Jaung is an educationist and was the President of the Universal & Professional CPA firm. He has written many publications on technical issues mainly in financial, investments and management control to include tax subject and tax investigation issues for both the local requirements and abroad – mainly China and Vietnam. He also lectures extensively and conducts professional seminars in various technical areas to include accounting and taxation standards and keeps himself abreast of such changes by researching into these standards on a continual basis via his worldwide network and government contacts.

Qualifications and professional institutes

  • Registered CPA ( USA, Taiwan & China)
  • Registered Tax agent (Taiwan & China)
  • Member of AICPA, TICPA, CICPA
  • Member of Tax agent association of China
  • MBA graduate from University of IOWA
  • PhD. doctorate from Accounting, Xiamen University, China

Technical expertise

  • Auditing
  • Financial Advisory services
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Structuring & Managing of investment in Taiwan & China
  • Standard Accounting
  • Taxation advisory

Mr. Vincent Liao
Regional Business Director

Vincent Liao has garnered many years of extensive exposure in business marketing and consulting industry both locally and abroad where he also spent many years exploring Europe on business potentials. His accomplishments to-date include successfully increasing revenue income for many of the multi-national companies that he was involved with in the past years, one of which was his ability to successfully spearheaded the overseas operations in the then new emergent and sprouting market – China.

Among other accolades, other than heading the business development programmes of McMillan Woods Global in both local market and China, Vincent unselfishly spends much of this spare time in many charitable organisations and also assists in the many Corporate Social Responsibility projects.




2nd Floor, No. 60, Xi-Zang Road
Taipei, Taiwan
Republic of China

Mr. Echo Jaung
Mr. Vincent Liao

Mobile phone: +010-8969 3456 (Mr. Vincent)
Telephone: +886-2-2302 6655
Facsimile: +886-2-2306 0959
Email: odcpa@seed.net.tw



Mr. Jack Chieh (偕德彰)
Taipei – Partner of the Firm

A registered accountant, Jack Chieh is the Chairman of Taiwan Dean Co., CPAs Firm and Dean Consulting (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. Indeed, Jack Chieh is a veteran in the accounting field for the past 30 years; very much specialising in cross border taxation and Investment planning among other advisory and management advisory works.

Qualifications and professional institutes

  • Registered accountant (A Trustee of the Taiwan Institute of CPAS)
  • A Trustee of the Republic of China National Federation of Accountants
  • Board Director of Feng Chia University Accounting Education Foundation
  • MBA graduate from Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

Technical expertise

  • Auditing
  • Industrial and commercial registration
  • Outsourcing of accounting and taxes
  • Overseas company registration
  • Assistance of investment from China in Taiwan
  • Personal property planning services
  • Cross-border taxation planning services




Dean Co., CPAs Firm
8F, 159, Sec. 1, Keelung Road, Xinyi District,
Taipei, Taiwan
Republic of China

偕德彰 董事長 Mr. Jack Chieh

Mobile phone +886 933 : 772 597 (Mr. Jack)
Telephone +886-2-2302 6655
Facsimile +886-2-2306 0959
Email: techang@dean-sh.com / info@cn.mcmillanwoods.com / vincentliao@cn.mcmillanwoods.com